Q: Can I return or exchange my hat?

A: Currently, aLL hats are final sale. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. Please know your head size and refer to sizing details for reference.

Q: How do I clean my hat?

A: Spot cleaning is the best method. Do not put in the washing machine, dry clean, or soak your hat in anything.

Q: Can I get my hat wet?

A: No you should not get any hat wet, regardless of the material -  wool, vegan suede, or straw. If you wear a straw hat to the beach or river it is splash resistant but any large amount of water can damage the hat’s shape and you’ll notice it may start coming apart.

Q: How do I know what my head size is?

A: Measure it with a measuring tape using the centimeter side. Wrap around your head and meet at the middle -  above your eyebrows. You should end up with anywhere from 54CM-60CM and sometimes more.

Q: Can I remove the band from my hat?

A: No - most bands are attached permanently. If you try to remove it, you can ruin the hat and it will not be exchanged or refunded.

Q: What If I’m in between sizes?

A: Go with the bigger measurement. It’s okay to have a little space for your hat!